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Tropical Leaves and Marble Paper

Customized Products

70% of profits will go to non-profits

Wall Decals

Send us your own design, or work with us to create one. We offer installation for a fee



We can customize your own glassware, or you can send us your message to be placed on basic glassware.




Send us your design, or work with us to create your custom sign. 

Examples: Welcome signs, quotes, baby name signs, etc...


Name Puzzles

Customized Name Puzzles 

-Name, color, and top pieces can be customized



We use Heat Transfer Vinyl to customized all types of clothing or items made of fabric. We can customize your own item, or send us your design and we will create it for you 


Handwritten Notes

We handwrite notes and mail them out for you. Great for sending out thank you cards for weddings or showers. 

$2* per card


Customized Puzzles 

-Send us a picture and we will turn it into a wooden puzzle.





Work with us to create a design for your customized stationary.


$20* for a pack of 12


Like what you see or want to request another product? Get in touch to learn more.

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